The EFPR Group of Companies

For over 60 years, our knowledgeable and experienced team of CPAs and business consultants have been serving individuals and businesses in Western New York and around the nation.

  • EFPR Group, LLP was founded on the principle of improving the lives of our clients by providing superior guidance, extraordinary service and creative solutions.

  • We provide a complete suite of accounting and finance staffing & outsourcing services.


Quick Case Studies

Here are case summaries of some of StoneBridge Business Partners’ other M&A engagements:

M&A due diligence services

  • Hired by a private equity client to perform comprehensive financial and accounting due diligence related to its proposed acquisition of a wood products manufacturer. We uncovered risks associated with the target company’s classification of workers (i.e. employees vs. contractors) that needed to be addressed prior to the closing.
  • Retained by a long-time client to assist with negotiating a purchase agreement and obtaining bank financing to consummate the acquisition of a business. We also organized and led the accounting and financial due diligence which uncovered business risks that resulted in the buyer withdrawing its offer.
  • Hired by a private equity firm to perform specific financial and accounting due diligence related to projected costs savings for a proposed acquisition. Our reviews determined that the company had conservatively estimated its cost savings. The client later closed on the purchase transaction.
  • Performed comprehensive business, financial and accounting due diligence related to its proposed acquisition of a manufacturer of precision-machined specialty metals. We discovered serious inventory valuation issues during the accounting due diligence. The client later withdrew its purchase offer.
  • Hired by an existing client to perform financial and accounting due diligence services related to the proposed acquisition of a real estate company.
  • Assisted in the strategic acquisition of a printing company by another printing company. We helped determine a range of values for the target company and performed accounting acquisition due diligence.

M&A advisory services

  • Engaged by a long-time client as M&A advisor related to the potential sale of their business. In partnership with a local investment banking firm, we performed a full range of merger & acquisition advisory services. Over the course of several months, we helped prepare and distribute a confidential offering memorandum, developed a buyer list, negotiated with several potential buyers to obtain letters of intent, organized a “data room” for buyer due diligence and assisted with the negotiation of definitive agreements and the closing process.
  • Retained by a long-time client as M&A advisor when the company was approached with an unsolicited offer from a strategic buyer. We provided the buyer with a forecast for the client’s business as well as historical financial statements that were adjusted for non-recurring items. We also organized a “data room” containing client documentation to help facilitate the buyer’s due diligence.
  • Provided merger and acquisition advisory services to a manufacturer of electromagnetic components that purchased a division of a publicly held British holding company. Also provided a range of values calculation and advisory services for the same company when it was approached by a strategic buyer that was backed by a private equity fund.
  • Provided various merger and acquisition advisory services to an architectural firm when the company was approached with an unsolicited offer.
  • Valued, assisted in negotiating a purchase price, and obtained bank financing for a management-led buyout of a company that provides standardized and customized market research studies. Also, conducted a valuation of another research company considered as an acquisition target.
  • Retained by a shareholder group to represent them in the sale of their shares to a proposed Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). We assisted the shareholder group in restructuring the sale as a stock repurchase by the company, which was more advantageous for them. We helped negotiate a price and terms of the deal.
  • Consulted with management, when an unsolicited offer was received for the sale of a Mequiladora manufacturing operation in Mexico. A range of values calculation was completed using publicly traded guideline company comparisons and transaction data.