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Distributor & Supplier Audits

Certainty up and down the chain

Be certain that your distributors, dealers and suppliers are complying with contractual agreements.

StoneBridge Business Partner distributor audits take these considerations into account:

  • Are distributors selling what they say they’re selling?
  • Are they over-reporting discounts or rebates?
  • Is product being diverted to unauthorized parties?
  • Is grey market product finding its way onto distributors’ shelves or into their warehouses?
  • Are you overpaying rebates because of incorrect reporting of end user sales?
  • Is your profitability being reduced by errors or mismanagement in your channel?

What about your supply chain? A supply chain audit examines the following:

  • Are you being invoiced at the prices you negotiated?
  • Is the product you’re receiving the product you ordered?

If you are a group purchasing organization:

  • Are you sure that all eligible products being ordered under your agreements are being reported to you, and all administrative fees are being remitted?
  • Is your membership represented accurately?
  • Are your members being charged the right prices?

Our ability to recover funds and close loopholes has produced seven to eight-fold returns on investment and prevented tens of millions of dollars more in future losses.

Among the issues with which we have experience:

  • pass-through discounts
  • cost-plus discounts
  • end user rebates
  • usage rebates
  • chargebacks
  • tier pricing
  • administrative fees

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